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CityKids has grown tremendously. It is one of the biggest internal ministries at CityWell with over 60 people – children, volunteers, and parents – involved weekly and our numbers continue to rise. Our children love CityKids. Our parents are committed. Our volunteers are faithful and gifted. What we need is someone to steward these rich gifts, someone with CityKids on their “front-burner.”
We have witnessed the budding of something beautiful in CityKids. With a CityKids staff, the beauty will bloom. CityKids staff will offer management, leadership, and consistency to our ministry.

This position requires about 6 hours of work a week and pays $15/hr.

The CityKids staff should be committed to fostering CityWell’s vision and Covenant Practices—Gathering, Welcoming, Listening, Offering – among the children.

CityWell Vision: To become a people who receive the ways of Jesus as our way of life, for the sake of His glory and for the sake of the world.

To Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Ms. Britt Taylor, [email protected].