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Rakhee Devasthali (she/her) and Nnedinma Umeadi (she/her) are a full spectrum doula team dedicated to supporting people through the transition into parenthood before, during and after birth. They offer comprehensive support including: herbal support during labor and birth for the laboring parent and partners; assistance with writing a birth plan that fits your unique circumstances (no matter if you are at a birth center, hospital or at home, your desires for the birth are important!); accompany you to prenatal visits and classes; guidance and confidence-building for the birthing or non-birthing partner to learn the skill of breastfeeding (Yes, it is a skill to be learned like many things in parenting); and postpartum help with household chores and meal preparation.

Rakhee and Nnedinma are happy to provide services for individuals across racial and gender identities and offer services on a sliding scale for accessibility. Contact Rakhee orNnedinma for more information. They would be honored to walk alongside you – by your invitation- attentive to your needs, care, and comfort through the various stages of your birthing experience.