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The HOLIDAYS are coming! Don’t panic. No matter what Jesus will still have a birthday.However if you are gonna miss the magic of observing ADVENT in person, with family and church, you may want to check this out. Here is a Staying At Home Sharing Advent Together resource with original Art straight from our sister/church member, Carlye Daugird @carlyecreates.

Advent DIY Boxes  &/or 5 Weekly Advent Art Easy to use Litergy Cards complete with:
Brown represetations of Jesus, inclusive language, queer affirming art and theologically rich texts, affirming artists’ Christmas spotify list, an advent calendar with gold stars to mark the days off, 5 art/easy to use litergy cards, advent candles, and a creche.

Or if your family has its own creche (nativity scene figures) & candles you can order just the ART/Litergy Print materials.

You can order some for family and friends and do it together each week on zoom.

50% off  a set of Print Materials
SALE Priced until OCTOBER 28th.