what we believe

Regarding central Christian teaching about who God is, we embrace and celebrate the affirmations of the Nicene Creed.

Regarding the Bible, we receive the scripture as one of God’s most precious gifts, and one of God’s primary ways of speaking and self-revealing to us. We revel in this gift and yearn to hear the Lord’s voice as the Holy Spirit breathes in and through scripture to give us life, wisdom, conviction of sin, encouragement, hope, and a lens through which we can see our world and lives more clearly.

Regarding the rest of life (and who God is and what God reveals in scripture has everything to do with all of life), our faith is in Jesus, who calls us to and makes possible a communal life in which we become a people who receive his ways as our way of life. The life Jesus shares with us is marked by grace and truth, hospitality and generosity, justice and peace, sacrifice and hope, faith and faithful doubt, lament and celebration, and in/through/above all… love.

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We believe Jesus is the Good News for which we all thirst.