who we are

CityWell is United Methodist congregation in Durham, NC. Our church family is multiracial, multiethnic, middle-class, poor, very young and much more seasoned, LGBTQ+ and straight, comprised of a variety of family structures, and includes followers of Jesus and folks still figuring that out. Because of the many aspects of diversity in this congregation, our ways of life and worship together are dynamic and informed by many voices from many backgrounds.

We have several deep commitments that we hope impact every part of our common life. We are committed to:

  • Centering Jesus as our Lord, our friend, our hope, and our salvation in all of our thinking and doing
  • De-professionalizing ministry (there are no experts here)
  • Welcoming and being changed by the voices and gifts of each person who comes to be part of this family
  • Racial and gender equity
  • Welcoming ALL people (believing Jesus that ALL people belong)
  • Holding together radical commitments to justice with personal intimacy in relationship with God
  • A life-long journey of personal and communal transformation toward the will and ways of God… the kingdom coming on earth as in heaven

Our life together is a gift and a beckoning from God – a miracle and an invitation to participate.