a covenant family

The CityWell Covenant is a response we make to our Lord’s invitation for us to live in covenantal relationship with God, with one another, and with our neighbors. It is a gift we give, as we offer one another a shared commitment to a way of life that we believe to be good, beautiful and honoring to our Lord. The Covenant is an invitation we extend into the intimate life of being known by God and by our church family. The following practices make this possible:

We gather because God calls us to be a family, and we cannot do this alone; we need each other. So, we covenant to gather regularly to worship Jesus, to invest in growing relationships within our church, and to engage as a covenant family in seeking the welfare of our communities.


God welcomes all of us unconditionally in Jesus. In response, we covenant to grow in our welcome of God’s reign in our lives, to learn how to welcome each other in ways that honor and value our differences, while remaining open to being changed by one another, and to welcome people who are not yet part of this church family.


Because God listens to us, we covenant to grow in our ability to listen to God through deepening disciplines of prayer, and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit and God’s gift of Scripture; to become better listeners in friendship, in conflict, and in seeking to build relationships that tear down barriers; and to listen more to our communities, that we might know our neighbors, know where God is already at work around us, and know how we are called to bear witness to Jesus.


Our God makes a complete self-offering to us in Jesus. In response to the self-giving of God we covenant to learn how to offer every part of our lives back to God in worship; and to grow in practices of generosity in the investments of our trust, time, energy, passion, material and financial resources in relationship with one another and with our communities.

This Covenant serves to remind, encourage, and call us all into the life God makes possible through the Spirit of Jesus.