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In light of the congregational conversation on Sunday August 30 and a desire to move forward in wholeness as a church family community, CityWell would like to create protected space to explore healing from church-related harm through storytelling and prayer together.

This space would be a closed group for up to 10 congregants to meet for four 2-hour sessions, offered weekly for 1 month. At this time, the group members would meet virtually, establish ground rules, and work cooperatively to honor ground rules in the spirit of our “Brave Space” liturgy.

In this space, we anticipate that stories could involve past experiences at CityWell related to Samuel’s deportation, to the UMC’s decisions regarding human sexuality, to the sending of the new church plant, or to being part of a diverse community of faith, along with other experiences apart from CityWell.

If interested in this, please complete the survey below by providing your personal information and answering the following questions so we can better determine collective interest and adapt plans accordingly.

Thank you!

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